Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow

It has been a very busy week for us.  I don’t recall ever being home for such a long stretch without anything specific planned.  Jen has taken full advantage of the opportunity.


In line with us decluttering our finances, we have also been working on going through our belongings.  Jen has been working on this for a while now.  She read The life-changing magic of tidying up by Marie Kondo and although we have not been fanatical about it, we have purged quite a bit of “stuff” that just clutters up our lives.  It’s a great read and detailed process for those interested.


As part of the declutter, I have been selling some comic books on EBay.  I started collecting about 10 years ago and amassed 2 long boxes of comics over a couple years.  They have been taking up space and I no longer look at them or add to the collection.  Jen has been asking me what I am going to do with these for a few years now but It has been difficult to let go of them.  I realized that they were no longer adding value to my life so now they are going, once the auctions are over.


Jen and I enjoy creating together, mostly wood crafty things.  For a couple years now we have been making wooden crafts and selling them on local sites.  The problem is that very few people seem to have the same taste as we do so inventory builds up.  This week Jen has been trying some new forums to post on and has sold 3 hand made chalkboards.  Its not a lot of extra income but every little bit gets us closer to our goals.


I went to a second interview this week and was promptly given an offer of employment at its conclusion.  It is with a great company with plenty of opportunity for me to grow in my career.  A couple downsides to the offer though.  The pay is about 85% of my previous salary and it is still quite a long commute.  I have also had a couple other opportunities come to my inbox this week so I will wait a couple days to see where things go before accepting.  Worst case scenario, I will be back to work on the 6th of March.  Not quite achieving my goal of being back to work in the month of February but good progress.


We have been doing well with our “No Spend February” since missing February 1st, read about that here.  There have been a couple times we have had to step back and ask ourselves if we really need what is pulling us to spend.  It hasn’t been easy but we are beginning to form new habits around spending and our overall finances.


Bad habits are easier to abandon today than tomorrow.  Proverb



Ike & Jen

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  1. I have a lot to do in decluttering, despite the progress I’ve made within the last year. The great thing is not only are those bad habits easier to abandon today, not buying so many things that don’t add value to us are going to make tomorrow so much easier!

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